Sunday, December 21, 2008

Wow, Sandals is amazing!

Okay, Leah and I just got back from a fabulous honeymoon. OMG, all inclusive is the way to go. Bellying up to the bar, ordering a drink and not having to throw down cash is the best ever. We mostly drank this drink called a BBC. Our bartender friend, Althea, said she made it up but, we later found out it is a drink there. Nice try Althea. Anyway, it is a liquid refresher like none other. It is a mixture of bananas (B), Bailey's (B) and Colada mix (C). You mix it with some ice in a blender, add some nutmeg and an optional cherry and you are set. I lost count of how many I had, but I do know they are great at 11am, heehee. We did mix it up having some wine, beer, champagne and banana sip sops (banana, colada mix, grenadine and dark rum, mmmmm.) Oh and Leah had a couple of Miami Vices, pic below:

It is supposed to be blue on top, white in the middle and red on the bottom. The bartender who made this one had a little trouble with the blue, hahaha. That's my BBC on the right and a bottle of rum we won in a beach game we played. That's right, Leah and Brenda, the token lesbian couple, were right out in front with our gayness. And guess what? We didn't threaten anyone's marriage, hahahaha. We even played the newlywed game. I, of course, got to be with the "guys" (that is in quotes because I am not a guy.) Oh, and we won! We actually got a perfect score. That's right, the lesbian couple won the newlywed game. I love it.

We also treated ourselves to a couples massage (thanks Ronnie!) It was awesome. First we got a body scrub and rinsed off in this amazing shower that had several shower heads. Awesome. Next we got our massages. Hmmmmmmmmm, aaaaaaaahhhhhhh, hmmmmmmmmmm. After the massages, we got into a whirlpool tub with lots of bubbles and enjoyed champagne and fruit. Here is a pic:

As we relaxed afterward, we talked about our favorite parts of the massage. Specifically, we said, what if the masseuse had asked us what part we would want more of. We both said our hands and feet. Isn't that great. We are so in tuned to each other (hence why we won the newlywed game.)

My favorite part was when we returned to our room one night and found this:

A note accompanied these two love birds saying, we were being treated to breakfast in our room. There was a menu for us to choose from and a time to pick for our breakfast. The next morning it was delivered to our room and we enjoyed breakfast on our balcony:

Here is a pic I took in the style of our wedding photographer, Ryan. What do you think, Ryan?

All the staff at Sandals were so nice and friendly. Each time a staff person walked by they said hello ladies and smiled. If you ever get a chance to go to a Sandals Resort, Leah and I highly recommend it. And now I have to go shovel our cars out of the foot of snow we have. Such is life in upstate NY. Here is one more pic for you to enjoy. I love the panoramic feature on our camera:

That is my baby there on the beach. Isn't she beautiful? Love you, baby!

Monday, December 8, 2008


Okay, only three days until we leave for our honeymoon (two days and 17 1/2 hours, but who's counting.) I can't wait, sunshine, warm ocean, sandy beaches, a coconut rum concoction and the most beautiful girl on my arm. Oh and did I mention, a spa tub right in our room. I really can't do any work, I am just too excited thinking about it and all the things I have to do before leaving. I have to pick up my new rx sunglasses, email my sister about taking care of the cats, do some last minute laundry, pack and oh yeah, make dinner for my wife. It's very overwhelming, but I think I will manage, heehee.

So, I just got the coolest gadget ever. A bluetooth headset. I know, I know, big deal a bluetooth. But wait, it is so cool. I have it hooked up with my phone, but....I also have it hooked up to my MP3 player. Okay, not such a big deal as most phones are MP3 players as well, but I think it is cool. I don't fill up my phone with stuff and save the battery for more important things like talking to the wife.

Oh, and one thing about poker in this post. Okay two. One, I am hoping that one of the casinos in Antigua has a poker room. Not quite sure yet. I know they have slots and some table games but not sure about poker. If not I will be having withdrawal as I am not bringing the laptop.

Two, I was playing in the Ladypoker Sharks Poker game on Pokerstars last night. There were 5 players and I was one before the button and called the $50 blind with K 5 suited. The button raises to $150 and everyone folds. I call the raise thinking if I hit the flop it could be good and it's only another $100 to call (I am above average but the button has me covered.) The flop comes 5,5 K. I am thinking, woo hoo. I check and the button goes all in. I think, "awesome" and call. Then she shows pocket Kings. Damn, that sucked.

That's all for now. Going to try and get some work done now.