Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Vermont's Same Sex Marriage Law

It has happened. Vermont's Same Sex Marriage Law has gone into effect today. Yeah! And in honor of this and their committment to Social Justice Issues, Ben and Jerry's partnered with Freedom to Marry and renamed the Chubby Hubby ice cream, Hubby Hubby. This is only happening for the month of September and only in their Vermont stores. So, all you Vermonters, go to Ben and Jerry's have a scoop of Hubby, Hubby and thank them for their committment to Social Justice. Anyone who cannot get to Vermont, please go here and leave them a comment. Thanks.

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

We Belong

I know it has been a while since I posted and I apologize. I have been a little sad and disheartened by the mess the NYS Senate has caused in my home state and have not been able to write. But, when I saw this on my facebook I had to post it. My wife's cousin, Emily, (I guess she is my cousin now too, heehee) posted it. I applaud Emily for her courage and conviction to post this. I applaud her generation, because I know they will make the changes this country needs. I saw them at Equality and Justice Day in NY. Not even old enough to vote, yet there they were talking to the Senators, holding signs at the rally, holding hands and showing their love. Amazing. Watch the video below. I warn you though, have tissues handy. I cried. A lot. Hearing one of the boys' father talk about his own hatred and abuse of gays and his eventual acceptance and love of his gay son, pulled at my heart. The song in the video is sung and written by transgendered artist, Namoli Brennett. Amazing as well.

Monday, June 1, 2009

LGBT Family

I am posting this blog for Mombian's "Blogging for LGBT Families Day 2009."

My wife Leah and I have not started a family yet. But, we plan to someday. What I want to write about here is my other LGBT family. That is all the people who are LGBT and straight who have supported, shown up and been there in my life. They include some of my immediate and extended family members, some old friends and some new ones. These are the people who help me keep going especially when my marriage was at stake by 7 judges in California. This family has shaped my openness, my ability to take a stand against injustice and my compassion and empathy. I love my family and am a better person because of them. Just today, my wife and I attended a press conference for Marriage Equality for NY. Senator Tom Duane, the sponsor of the bill, held it. Who would have thought I could be this involved in the politics, the media, the outness that comes with a press conference. It is because of the support I receive from my family that I am able to do these things. So, I want to say Thank you to my family. You are my rock.

And to my wife, Leah you are my love, my inspiration, my heart and my being. I love you always.

Monday, May 25, 2009

My Marriage

Tomorrow the California Supreme Court decides if my marriage is legal or not. Tomorrow they decide if Prop 8 is overturned or not. Tomorrow my life as a wife could change. It is disheartening to know that at 1pm (eastern time) I could not be married anymore. Tomorrow at 1pm, 17,999 other couples could not be married anymore. It is so sad that people feel it is their right to take away my happiness. They argue that they aren't against me, they are just upholding what is tradition, what is right. Tradition used to be to own a slave, own a woman, put mentally ill, developmentally disabled and disabled in an institution. Traditions change because we realize that they are not right. I don't know what the Supreme Court is going to decide tomorrow. The experts are saying they will not overturn Prop 8 but will uphold all the marriages that happened before Prop 8, including mine and the 17,999 others. But, what does that mean. Am I to celebrate because I am still married, am still a wife. Am I to be angry and protest because they ruled to uphold an amendment that to me seems so unconstitutional. What am I to do?

I guess I will know better tomorrow after I hear the decision. My wife, Leah, and I will be at the Albany, NY Day of Decision. If you are in the Capital District area, join us for celebration and/or protest. If not, check the Day of Decision website for an event near you. They are holding them all over the country and Canada as well. Here's hoping it will be celebration.

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Go Maine!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Official Statement from Governor John E. Baldacci's office:

Governor Signs LD 1020, An Act to End Discrimination in Civil Marriage and Affirm Religious Freedom. Signed on this day, May 6, 2009.

AUGUSTA – Governor John E. Baldacci today signed into law LD 1020, An Act to End Discrimination in Civil Marriage and Affirm Religious Freedom.
“I have followed closely the debate on this issue. I have listened to both sides, as they have presented their arguments during the public hearing and on the floor of the Maine Senate and the House of Representatives. I have read many of the notes and letters sent to my office, and I have weighed my decision carefully,” Governor Baldacci said. “I did not come to this decision lightly or in haste.”
“I appreciate the tone brought to this debate by both sides of the issue,” Governor Baldacci said. “This is an emotional issue that touches deeply many of our most important ideals and traditions. There are good, earnest and honest people on both sides of the question.”
“In the past, I opposed gay marriage while supporting the idea of civil unions,” Governor Baldacci said. “I have come to believe that this is a question of fairness and of equal protection under the law, and that a civil union is not equal to civil marriage.”
“Article I in the Maine Constitution states that ‘no person shall be deprived of life, liberty or property without due process of law, nor be denied the equal protection of the laws, nor be denied the enjoyment of that person’s civil rights or be discriminated against.’”
“This new law does not force any religion to recognize a marriage that falls outside of its beliefs. It does not require the church to perform any ceremony with which it disagrees. Instead, it reaffirms the separation of Church and State,” Governor Baldacci said.
“It guarantees that Maine citizens will be treated equally under Maine’s civil marriage laws, and that is the responsibility of government.”
“Even as I sign this important legislation into law, I recognize that this may not be the final word,” Governor Baldacci said. “Just as the Maine Constitution demands that all people are treated equally under the law, it also guarantees that the ultimate political power in the State belongs to the people.”
“While the good and just people of Maine may determine this issue, my responsibility is to uphold the Constitution and do, as best as possible, what is right. I believe that signing this legislation is the right thing to do,” Governor Baldacci said.

I absolutely love his reasoning. I love that he listened to both sides and came down on the side of equality. I love that he said that "it reaffirms the separation of Church and State." Thank you Governor Baldacci.

Thursday, April 30, 2009

Kelly McGillis is a lesbian!!!!

Okay, this is not news to the millions of lesbians out there. Yes, Kelly, we all knew. We were just waiting. And now, she has officially come out to vlogger, Jennifer Corday, at shewired. And, btw, she is still as hot as she was back in the '80's! Check it out:

I, as a young, newly out, lesbian, fell in lust with her when I first saw her breasts in Witness. Then as the hot, tough teacher in Top Gun. Damn! I had heard the rumors back then. I had hoped, dreamed and waited. Then she appears in the L-Word. Well, that is all it took. Good for you girl. Welcome to the family. Now, join us in our fight for LGBT equality.

Wednesday, April 29, 2009