Monday, June 1, 2009

LGBT Family

I am posting this blog for Mombian's "Blogging for LGBT Families Day 2009."

My wife Leah and I have not started a family yet. But, we plan to someday. What I want to write about here is my other LGBT family. That is all the people who are LGBT and straight who have supported, shown up and been there in my life. They include some of my immediate and extended family members, some old friends and some new ones. These are the people who help me keep going especially when my marriage was at stake by 7 judges in California. This family has shaped my openness, my ability to take a stand against injustice and my compassion and empathy. I love my family and am a better person because of them. Just today, my wife and I attended a press conference for Marriage Equality for NY. Senator Tom Duane, the sponsor of the bill, held it. Who would have thought I could be this involved in the politics, the media, the outness that comes with a press conference. It is because of the support I receive from my family that I am able to do these things. So, I want to say Thank you to my family. You are my rock.

And to my wife, Leah you are my love, my inspiration, my heart and my being. I love you always.


Journal of a ____ said...

And you are my inspiration everyday. I wake up to and fall asleep with you, my family, daily, and that makes me smile. I am so proud that you have found your LGBT family.

Anonymous said...

proud of you, brenda...