Monday, May 25, 2009

My Marriage

Tomorrow the California Supreme Court decides if my marriage is legal or not. Tomorrow they decide if Prop 8 is overturned or not. Tomorrow my life as a wife could change. It is disheartening to know that at 1pm (eastern time) I could not be married anymore. Tomorrow at 1pm, 17,999 other couples could not be married anymore. It is so sad that people feel it is their right to take away my happiness. They argue that they aren't against me, they are just upholding what is tradition, what is right. Tradition used to be to own a slave, own a woman, put mentally ill, developmentally disabled and disabled in an institution. Traditions change because we realize that they are not right. I don't know what the Supreme Court is going to decide tomorrow. The experts are saying they will not overturn Prop 8 but will uphold all the marriages that happened before Prop 8, including mine and the 17,999 others. But, what does that mean. Am I to celebrate because I am still married, am still a wife. Am I to be angry and protest because they ruled to uphold an amendment that to me seems so unconstitutional. What am I to do?

I guess I will know better tomorrow after I hear the decision. My wife, Leah, and I will be at the Albany, NY Day of Decision. If you are in the Capital District area, join us for celebration and/or protest. If not, check the Day of Decision website for an event near you. They are holding them all over the country and Canada as well. Here's hoping it will be celebration.


CurioRando said...

I wasn't tracking that tomorrow is the day. I must be way out of touch. We wish you, all the married couples, and all those that want to marry the very best outcome tomorrow.

This is a battle that is being won--in part because of courageous couples like you--regardless of the decision tomorrow.

Yours was a beautiful marriage, if everyone could experience the love I witnessed at your wedding, there would be no arguments.

We'll be holding out hope for a good decision, but thank you both for your strength and good work!

Journal of a ____ said...

Wonderful post, love. Whatever happens today will not change my desire to be married to you! We will keep fighting and keep getting married until it sticks!