Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Poker in my veins

Okay, I am going to talk about poker. On Friday, April 4th, Leah and I made our way to Turning Stone Casino to try my hand at a ladies tournament. The High Heels Poker Tornament was coming to town and I was determined to play, http://highheelspokertour.blogspot.com/. On Friday, they were having small, one table satellites to win your way into the big game. I got into the last one at 11:30pm. There were 10 of us at the table. I did real well. I even bluffed a few hands and won. At one point I was dealt pocket rockets (Aces, for those not up on the lingo.) I was in a hand with a woman sitting next to me. Now, she hadn't played many hands and seemed a bit frustrated. The flop came J, 10, 3. Good flop for my Aces, but she bet into it, a pot size bet. I thought for a good, long time. My head was saying "go for it, you got Aces," but my gut was saying she had a J 10. I said to her I think you have the J 10 and I am going to give up these Aces. I was right, she told me she had the J 10. Whew, saved myself from losing a lot of chips on that one. Ask any poker player, it is not easy giving up Aces!

So, like I said, I was playing well. It was late and now there were three of us. Yup, I made it to the final 3 (only the winner got the seat.) So, I am second in chip count and the woman who is in third goes all in, 4 different times. I don't really remember what she had or what I had but I know that I started out as a favorite to win the pot. This woman was the suck out, all-in, queen. Suddenly I am in third. I finally had to go all in when the blinds were sucking me dry. I, again, was favorite to win, I had A K and an A flopped, but she sucked out and won with a flush. Oh, well that's poker. It was a great time. I left and went up to the room we were staying in. Leah was already there. Tomorrow I would enter in the big tournament. I had the buy-in and was determined to play. Hey do you like my divider? Pretty cool, huh?
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