Tuesday, November 25, 2008

For Leah

I can't believe I have been married for a whole month. I have to say, it is so wonderful to find the one person who can complete your life and make it all the more beautiful. I have found that in Leah. Everyday is amazing being with her. We have been together for almost 3 years, but it feels so brand new. Whenever I am near her I just want to be close to her. I want to be touching her in some way. I love that she likes to hold hands with me, all the time. So, this blog today is for Leah, my beautiful wife.


All my life I have dreamed of you. Okay, not "you" but, you. I knew that this is what "it" was supposed to feel like, that this is what love really is. Everyday with you is special and oh, so amazing. When I wake each morning, I (first hit the damn snooze, heehee) smile because I know you are there. I roll next to you, hold you and kiss you good morning. You smile without really waking up. I love that. I love that we hold each other to sleep every night. I love how I feel when I am around you. You make me feel so loved and desired. Thank you, for everything, being you, loving me and for saying yes to marrying me. That day is one of the best days of my life. You looked so beautiful and you looked so happy. I was happy that day, too.

So, I promise to you, to always kiss you good night, kiss you good morning, hold your hand always, cry with you, take care of you when you need it and to love you with all my heart.

Happy one month anniversary, baby! I love you!!!!!


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Journal of a ____ said...

Love, thank you for such a wonderful anniversary surprise. Can't wait to spend a hundred million more months together as your wife. I love you.