Friday, January 23, 2009

Thinking about the President and the pedestal we put him on

I am writing this in response to a fellow poster and friend, Michelle's, recent post. Please read her post first. It will help you understand this one.

You are not alone with this feeling. I have been thinking about this too. I put a lot of faith in Clinton when he was elected b/c he promised to help the GLBT community. We all saw what happened there. I, too, feel that we have put Obama up on this pedestal, that if he doesn't come through, the country will kick him off so fast. I feel our country has come to expect things to be fixed quickly. Instant gratification and if we are not happy with something then let's give up on it and pick something new. I, too, am jaded. I guess I have been ever since California allowed Prop 8 to be put up for a popular vote. I hope that Obama can do what he says. What I truly hope, though, is that the American people do their part as well. One person cannot do it all. It takes the entire country. We as the gay community know this more than anything right now. We may not have done enough for Prop 8. If you want your rights, your ideas, your needs met, you need to get up off the couch, get away from the computer, the TV and do something. Give your time, write your government officials, make a donation, march in the streets and give back. Good luck to you and good luck to our new President.

Thanks Michelle for the fodder for my post.


Butch Jamie said...

You're welcome! I'm glad it inspired you to write your own!

Irongirl01 said...

I think we all have high hopes for Obama. Lets hope our expectations do not disappoint us. He inherited a huge mess. you should go read blogger julius goats post where he likened BUSH to a kidney stone. You can link to his blog from mine. his blog is called The Goat Speaks.