Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Fostering Kittens

Recently Leah and I sent off our last litter of kittens, Moo, Flower, Silver, Tiger and Buzz were all adopted within a week and found their forever homes. I have to say fostering kittens is tough. Not because there are so many cats in the house but because it is hard to let them go. Leah was away in California when they had to go to the clinic for adoption, so I had to do it alone. As I brought them in, a little boy and his mother were standing there to pick out one of the kittens for him to take home. OMG, I was crying as he patiently held each one to see which would fit best. He ended up picking Flower and naming her Polly. It was very hard to leave the rest there as well. We still have Bella, the mom cat. She will be going to clinic later this week. Here is a picture of them. Bella is in the back, Silver is curled up behind her, Flower is the all grey on the left, Tiger is looking at the camera, Moo is next to Tiger and Buzz is on the end.

So now we are kitten free. No more yelling to get off the table or out of the garbage. Just an aside, don't put discarded tissues in the bathroom garbage if you have kittens running around. In the morning you will find it shredded all over the house. Ah, loving the freedom when we get a call. Jan, from Animal Lovers asking if we will take a litter of 2 day old kittens with mom.

"What, no, we can't, we just got rid of a litter, what, they are how old, aaawwww they are calico, mom is long haired calico, they are stuck at a shelter, mom is stuck in a cage with all other animals nearby trying to raise her babies, oh, we can't have that, of course we will take them."

So, off Brenda goes on Friday to pick up the mom and the babies. And yes they are cute. And they are very tiny, fitting in one hand. Mom is beautiful too. We get to name them as well. Yeah. Jan wants us to name them all with the same beginning letter to make it easier for them to identify Mom and babies. So, we decided to name Mom, Molly. She looks like a Molly. The kittens are too young to tell their genders so they don't have real names just yet. We do know, however, that the calico kitten is female because male calicos don't survive. We also know that the orange kitten is probably male as most cats that color are. We have not named the calico, but have been calling the orange one manderine (manny if it is a boy, mandy if a girl, heehee.) Leah has been calling one of the black and white ones, Michael Jackson, after his Black and White song, heehee. Here is a picture of all of them.

Aren't they adorable? So now we are a household of 8 again. Bella will be going to the clinic on Thursday, so we will be down to 7. Fostering kittens is tough but I love it.


Journal of a ____ said...

I love fostering kittens with you! You are so good with them. I've never seen that picture of Bella and the kittens, it's really nice! Hi, Molly!

Anonymous said...

I love that you and Leah do this. It is a reflection of your good hearts!

Anonymous said...

I loved the pictures! So sweet of you two to do this for all those lil loves! We adore cats and have three of our own, and we are on the hunt for an all white female as we speak!