Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Online Poker

Hi, and, as always, my favorite subject, (next to my girl of course) poker. This time it is online poker. About a month ago, I received an email from Pokerstars saying they have deposited $5 into my real money account. I had been thinking of playing with real money but, up until now only used play money. They said they were giving it to me for free to try my hand at real money, online poker. I was so excited, free money, woo hoo. I immediately signed in and began playing. What is cool about Pokerstars is that they have penny games, like a 1 cent/2 cent no limit hold 'em. So that is where I started. Within 2 hours I had doubled that $5. I even tried my hand at Omaha. Not too bad. I have played a few small buy in tournaments and won a couple for $4.50. This past Friday, I played in a Satellite tournament. It was a $2.20 buy in with a max of 45 players (9 tables.) The top 6 players won the buy in for the Sunday Hundred Grand tournament. In that tournament you can win upwards of $20,000. Woo, hoo, I made it. I actually was the chip leader when I busted #7.
♦ ♥ ♣ ♠
Now fast forward to Sunday. I am waiting for the big tourney to start and the number of people entered is growing. By the time registration closes, 25,000 players have signed up. I check the payouts and in order to be in the money I will have to place at least 3750, to win $22.50. So the tournament starts. To make a long story short, heehee, I made it to 3510 and won $22.51. I could have done better except that when it came close to the 3750, I chose not to play some hands I could have, so I could last and win some money. It was so cool. I realized that I had outlasted over 20,000 other players. Not too shabby. Next time, I will go all out. So, now I have $36.00 in my account. Not bad for starting out with $5. Of course, Leah was saying, "cash out, cash out." No baby, not until I win that $20,000, heehee.
♦ ♥ ♣ ♠

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