Friday, February 13, 2009

Many Colors, Feedom To Marry Week

Ah, so today's theme is something blue. My something blue for our wedding was an embroidered monogram made by my wife, Leah. Leah's blue was a beautiful pin that my sister gave her.

That was pretty much the only blue at our wedding. Our wedding was very colorful. Lots of orange, green, pinks but not much blue.

See, lots of colors including blue. I loved that we used so many colors. Leah and I wanted to celebrate our love, but, we also wanted to celebrate our fun side. This was the way to do this.

As an aside, Leah and I participated in the Freedom To Marry Day in Albany, NY. We rallied for Marriage Equality in NY. It was a small gathering, northeast wind and cold kept people away, but it was a great rally. I even kissed Leah while the news cameras were taping. Click here to see video. I am not sure how long it will be available, but enjoy while you can.

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Butch Jamie said...

Hey - watched the video. Cute clips of you guys!